"In Soviet Russia, a yellow submarine lives in all of us!"


TLhikan is a member on BZPower, GS on Aftermath, and a member of the Zehvor high command.

Real life-ish bioEdit

TLhikan has been going to BZP back in 2002, ever since it started showing up whenever he Googled BIONICLE. In 2007, he joined the site, but didn't start posting for about a year.

He currently has two epics on BZPower, Outcasts and Students of Valor. Both have very poor following, which is why he rarely updates them.

He also has built a number of MOCs, each with varying levels of popularity.

He is a huge fan of the Expanded Mulitverse and Bionicle Paracosmos

A while back, he GSed on MT's comedy TBTTRALuxury Resort. Soon, he became a Guest Writer, but the comedy was destroyed in the Great Dataclysm.

He then became a GS in the original TBTTRAH, where he stayed until the comedy was destroyed for no reason closed. He initially followed Aftermath, but fell away for a couple of years and only recently rejoined.


In the TBTTRAHverseEdit

Coming soon..;.

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