Levacius is a Toa Zehvor of Lightning. He is one of MT's most trusted associates and is easily the most vocal member of the team. He is an incredibly durable fighter, having taken on powerful beings such as Ihr and [[4 Mask|4 Ma
sk]] before and having lived through those encounters.

The Beginning

Levacius hails from an alternate Matoran Universe, an elite warrior created as part of an elite guard in control of operations in a small ground control station developed to held guide the Mata-Nui robot.

At some point, he found himself cloned. The evil being, Suicavel, battled him in an ethereal plane, where he was defeated due to inexperience at the time. However, he was able to reform himself - twice. The two battled Suicavel and banished him to the Anti-Realm a few years prior, where he would eventually reform centuries later.

In the fight, the one clone, who had somehow ended up with a reality warp twisting his powers, was knocked into an alternate universe, the TBTTRAH universe, in particular the 'dwarf' planet Pluto. Upon impact he lost his powers, and his mask had somehow transformed into one of plastic creation, and his element to tea. He eventually encounted the being XTRM, and was scared off.

XTRM followed him as he discovered a small cave, where he found a small space pod, Levacius was forced to flee the planet with no course in particular. He eventually found himself on direct course for a small rocky planet - Earth. On the way down, the ship scanned for like beings, and in order to disguise him with the nearby Bionicle toys (which he did not realize at the time were able to move and such), shrunk him (and the pod) down. He went tumbling out, spear and shield ready, and saw the pod was destroyed. That was when he saw the house, and spotted the other Bioniicles. Making his way across the street, he had no idea what was to happen...

Too Lazy to finish gunna do it latah.

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